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Working Voltage (V)Max.CPU Speed (MHz)ROM (Byte)RAM (Byte)I/OAudio Output (Mask option) DACAudio Output (Mask option) PWMVolume Control

General Description

GPC3011C is the OTP (One-Time-Programming) version of the GPC3 family. The GPC3011C is embedded with an 8-bit processor, 32K bytes OTP ROM, 256-byte working SRAM, three sets of 12-bit timer/counters, 16 general I/Os, a 3-channel mixer, and a pair of 12-bit PWM outputs. The microprocessor can implement software based on audio processing, functional control and others. For audio processing, melody and speech can be mixed into one output. It operates over a wide voltage range from 2.0V through 5.5V, and it includes Low Voltage Reset to assure system operating appropriately under low voltage condition. In addition, GPC3011C also features the sleep mode for power saving. With the high cost/performance, GPC3011C is one of the most suitable engines in the industry for vocal applications.


  • Wide operating voltage: 2.0V *1 - 5.5V

*1: The lowest operating voltage depends on LVR(low voltage reset) level.  Typical LVR voltage is 2.0V but with +/- 0.1V deviation possibility

  • Working voltage with 6MHz system clock: 2.2V *2 - 5.5V
  • Working voltage with 8MHz system clock: 2.4V *2 - 5.5V

*2: The system clock would start to slow down at lowest working voltage(6MHz at 2.2V, 8MHz at 2.4V), please refer to the Frequency vs. VDD_REGIN curve

  • 32K bytes OTP ROM
  • 256-byte working SRAM
  • Built-in internal or external RC oscillator 8MHz or 6MHz(code option)
  • Approx. 10 seconds speech @6KHz sampling rate with 4-bit ADPCM
  • Standby mode (Clock Stop mode) for power savings.       Max. 5.0uA @ 4.5V
  • 16 general I/Os (including four high brightness LED driving I/Os)
  • Three 12-bit timer/counters
  • 7 IRQs & 1 NMI interrupt
  • Two wake-up sources
  • Feedback function
  • Low Voltage Reset (LVR) function
  • Watchdog function
  • IR function
  • Four sets of 256-level PWMIO outputs
  • A 3-channel mixer with melody or ADPCM/PCM data
  • A pair of PWM outputs with volume control

Confirmation Sheet

GPC3XXXABCDV28_cs.pdf   Copy Link.

Application / Engineering Note

AN0113-GPC3_TimerInitialBeforeEnableTimerInterrupt.pdf   Copy Link. AN0129-32768_Crystal_Oscillation_Application_Note-16.pdf AN0149-GPC3_Integrated_Application_Note-16.pdf   Copy Link. COB_Bonding_Suggestion_20130910.pdf   Copy Link.

Data Sheet

GPC3XXXXV24_ds.pdf   Copy Link.
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