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Working Voltage (V)Max.CPU Speed (MHz)ROM (Byte)RAM (Byte)I/OGPIO B0~B3 High Sink CurrentAudio Output DACAudio Output PWMVolume ControlCPU CLK OSC. (ROSC)WDT (Mask option)IR (Tx,Rx)
2.1 ~ 5.582048K12824-

General Description

GPC3P680A is embedded with an 8-bit processor, 512K~2M bytes OTP ROM (by body), 128 bytes SRAM, three 12-bit timer/counters, 16 or 24 general I/Os, a 3-channel mixer, a pair of 12-bit PWM outputs and a real time clock.  In audio processing, melody and speech can be mixed into one output.  It operates over a wide voltage range and has a Low Voltage Reset function and a sleep mode to save more power.  It can be awakened from sleep mode by interrupt sources or IO’s state changes.  GPC3PXXXX is one of the most suitable speech engines in the industry for vocal applications.


  • Wide Operating Voltage:

2.1V - 5.5V for GPC3P680A

2.0V - 5.5V for others

* The lowest operating voltage depends on LVR (Low Voltage Reset)

level. Typical LVR voltage is

2.1V, but with +/- 0.1V deviation possibility for GPC3P680A

2.0V, but with +/- 0.1V deviation possibility for others
  • ROM size: 512K~2M bytes (by body)
  • RAM size: 128 bytes
  • Built-in internal RC oscillator
  • Built-in internal RC oscillator 8MHz or 6MHz(body option)
  • 170~680 seconds speech @6KHz sampling rate with 4-bit ADPCM (by body option)
  • Standby mode (Clock Stop mode) for power savings.

  Max. 5.0uA ~ 10.0uA @ 4.5V

  • Bit programmable 16 or 24 general I/Os(by body) and 1 input pin with pull low resistor(by body option)
  • Four I/Os with high sink current for LED application
  • All general IOs provide 1M pull-low function to prevent current leakage while pressing the key (IOs to VDD)
  • Three 12-bit timer/counters
  • Seven or eight IRQs & 1 NMI interrupt
  • Two or three wake-up sources
  • Low Voltage Reset (LVR) function
  • Watchdog function
  • IR function
  • RTC function (by body option)
  • Four sets of hardware PWMIO supporting LED outputs with brightness control of 256-level
  • A 3-channel mixer with melody or ADPCM/PCM input
  • A pair of PWM outputs with volume control

Data Sheet

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Confirmation Sheet

GPC3PXXXABV15_cs(epdf).pdf   Copy Link.
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