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Working Voltage (V)Max.CPU Speed (MHz)ROM (Word)RAM (Nibble)I/OAudio Output (PWM)H/W Channel (SPU)Volume ControlCPU CLK OSC. ROSC (Option)LVROTP
2.0~5.5296K256 11+1IV2V-VV

General Description

GPC72080D, a 4-bit sound controller, is architected with a four-channel SPU for MIDI playback, a 4-bit RISC CPU, a 14-bit PWM, 11 IOs, 1 input (with pull low resistor), 256-nibble RAM, and OTP with density of 320K x 6-bit of memory space. The operating voltage ranges from 2.0V through 5.5V and operating speed is 1M/2MHz, configurable through inner oscillator.  Other features include Low Voltage Reset, IR carry output, Watchdog, five interrupt sources with two Time-bases, etc.


  • 4-bit RISC CPU
  • CPU Clock: 1M/2M Hz.
  • Operating Voltage: 2.0V - 5.5V
  • Regulator built-in with input voltage: 2.0~5.5V, output voltage: 2.0~3.0V
  • IO: IOA[3:0], IOB[2:0], IOC[3:0], IOH3 Operating Voltage: 2.0V - 5.5V
  • 256 nibbles SRAM
  • 14-bit PWM driver for driving speaker directly
  • 320K x6-bit OTP
  • Standby mode for power savings
  • Five interrupt sources with two Time-bases
  • Four-channel Sound Processing Unit (SPU) supports MIDI playback
  • Eleven general IOs (bit programmable), one input pin with pull low resistor
  • Key wakeup function
  • Low voltage reset
  • Watchdog

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