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Working Voltage (V)Max.CPU Speed (MHz)ROM (Byte)RAM (Byte)I/OAudio Output (PWM)Max. H/W MIDI (CH) (SPU)Max. S/W Speech (CH) (16bit PCM)CPU CLK OSC. ROSCCPU CLK OSC. X'TALIR (Tx, Rx)
1-battery1.0V~1.8V 2-battery1.3V~3.6V8.0912K51224181VVV

General Description

The GPCD9L300A features an internal ROM, 512-byte working SRAM, three 12-bit timers, 24 general I/Os with selectable multi-channel input and one 14-bit DAC with amplifier. The microprocessor implements software based on audio processing, functional control and others. For audio processing, melody and speech can be mixed into one output. The GPCD9L300A is featured maximum two sets software channel and a high performance SPU voice engine to play voice with ADPCM/PCM data. It is designed for wide input voltage range (1.0V~3.6V), and the circuit works at a programmable pumped voltage (3.0V~4.5V). In addition, GPCD9L300A features sleep mode for power savings. It can be awakened from sleep mode by interrupt sources or changing IO's state. There is also a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) controller built-in GPCD9L300A to facilitate communication with other devices and components.


  • Input Voltage: 1.0V ~ 3.6V
  • Programmable pumped voltage:
    • One-battery selected: 3.3V ~ 4.2V
    • Two-battery selected: 3.3V ~ 4.5V
  • CPU speed: Max. 8MHz
  • FOSC = Max. 16MHz (2 x CPU clock)
  • RAM size: Max. 512 bytes
  • Three 12-bit timer/counter, TMA with capture and comparison function, TMB/ TMC with comparison function only
    (Programmable and Auto Reload)
  • Clock source with ROSC or XTAL (option)
  • Sleep mode to reduce power consumption
  • Key change wake-up function
  • IRQs & NMI interrupts
  • Watchdog function (option)
  • 3.0V regulator output
  • Low Voltage Reset
  • 24 bit-programmable general I/Os
  • Eight I/Os with high sink current for LED application
  • All general IOs with 1M pull-low function to prevent current leakage from error key touch
  • One 14-bit DAC with amplifier for direct drive speaker
  • SPU (Sound Processing Unit) engine can output audio data with 14-bit resolution to perform high quality voice/melody
  • IR PWM Output
  • Hardware PWMIO supports four LED outputs with 256-level brightness control
  • Real-time clock
  • Multi-channel SPU engine with ADPCM/PCM wavetable
  • Maximum two sets of 14-bit software channel with noise filter to play high quality sound
  • SPI master interface
  • Built-in Battery Voltage Detect (BVD) / Low Voltage Detect (LVD) function

Data Sheet

GPCDXLXXXAV11_ds.pdf   Copy Link.

Confirmation Sheet

GPCD3L_6L_9L_SeriesV10_cm(epdf).pdf   Copy Link.

Application / Engineering Note

AN0147-Speech_Line_32768_Xtal_Oscillation_APN-16.pdf   Copy Link.
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