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Real Chip672K(MASK)32 Port A/B/C/D128-CHVVVV207

General Description

GPCD9TC220B series features a maximum of 1M-byte internal ROM, up to 1024-byte working SRAM, three 12-bit timers, 32 general I/Os, two 12-bit current DAC and one 14-bit audio PWM driver. For audio processing, melody and speech can be mixed into one output. GPCDXTCXXXB is implemented with a high performance SPU voice engine to generate 8-channel high-quality sound voice in ADPCM/PCM format. It operates in a wide voltage range, from 2.2V through 5.5V, along with low voltage reset function. In addition, a sleep mode is designed to save powers for those applications with limited power resources available. A Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) controller is also included to facilitate communication with other devices and components.


  • 8-bit micro-processor
  • Max. of 1024-byte SRAM
  • Operating voltage: 2.2V – 5.5V
  • Max. of CPU operating speed : 8.0MHz (Fosc=16MHz)
  • Five wakeup sources
  • 20 IRQs & 6 NMI Interrupts .
  • Internal built-in regulator to supply core power
  • SPU(Sound Processing Unit) engine
    • Supports 4-bit ADPCM data format and TAG mode
    • Supports special tag, such as silence and event tags
    • 8-voice polyphony
  • Two software channels with noise filter for high quality sound playback
  • Low Voltage Detection
    • 8-level (2.2V/ 2.4V/ 2.6V/ 2.8V/ 3.0V/ 3.2V/ 3.4/ 3.6V) voltage detector
  • Low Voltage Reset
  • Peripherals
    • Max. of 32 I/O pins (IOA[7:0], IOB[7:0], IOC[7:0], IOD[7:0]) (varied by IC)
    • 12 I/Os with high sink current
    • Key wakeup/interrupt function
    • Built-in 32.768KHz oscillator circuit for real time clock function (X’tal or R-osc)
    • Built-in R-oscillator (external resistor is needed), X’tal or internal R-oscillator (only 16MHz available for IOSC) for system operating clock
    • Internal time base generator
    • Three 12-bit timer/counter, TMA with capture and comparison function, TMB/TMC with comparison function (Programmable and auto reload)
    • Watchdog function
    • 14-bit PWM driver for driving speaker directly
    • Two 12-bit current DACs
    • IR output
    • Max. of 12 hardware PWMIOs
    • One SPI serial interface I/Os
    • Hardware Touch function
    • One set built-in comparator with PGA.
  • 8-channel SPU engine with ADPCM/PCM wave table
  • Sleep mode to reduce power

Confirmation Sheet

GPCD3TC_6TC_9TC_SeriesV13_cm(epdf).pdf   Copy Link.

Data Sheet

GPCDXTCXXXBV11_ds.pdf   Copy Link.

Application / Engineering Note

AN0203-GPCDxT_LowVoltageResetFailIssue-16.pdf   Copy Link.
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