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Working Voltage (V)Max. CPU Speed (MHz)RAM (Byte)CacheRAM (Byte)MCP Memory Size (Bit)I/OH/W Touch I/OPWM IOAudio Output 12 bit DACAudio Output 14 bit PWMMIDI (Ch)Voice Channel (A1801+ A3400)CPU CLK ROSCADC (Ch)UARTRTC ClockLVDSPIHigh Sink Current I/O

General Description

GPCE1S16A, a 16-bit architecture sound controller, features the newest 16-bit microprocessor, m’nSP2.0™ (pronounced as micro-n-SP 2.0). This high processing speed assures the m’nSP2.0™ is capable of handling complex digital signal processes easily and rapidly. Therefore, GPCE1SXXA is applicable for the areas of digital sound process. The operating voltage of 2.2V through 5.5V and speed up to 81.92MHz yield the GPCE1S16A to be easily used in varieties of applications. The memory capacity includes a 3K-word working SRAM and 2K-word Cache RAM (also can be working RAM). Other features including 34 programmable multi-functional I/Os, five 16-bit timers/counters, 32KHz Real Time Clock, Low Voltage Reset/Detection, ten channels 12-bit ADC, capacitive touch sensor, one 12-bit current DAC and 16-bit PWM out for audio.


  • 16-bit m’nSP2.0™ microprocessor
  • CPU Clock: max. 81.92MHz
  • Operating Voltage: 2.2V - 5.5V
  • Power regulator built-in with input voltage: 2.2~5.5V, output voltage: 2.2~3.0V for LDO30 and 1.5V for LDO15
  • IO Port Operating Voltage:
  • 2V - 5.5V for IOA & B and 2.2V – 3.0V for IOC
  • One normal SPI interface
  • GPCE1SXXA features a high-speed flash inside
  • 3K-word working SRAM
  • 2K-word cache SRAM (also can be released to working-RAM)
  • Software-based audio processing
  • Two sets of 16-bit software channel with noise filter, mixer and scalar to play high quality sound
  • Standby mode for power saving
  • Total five 16-bit timers, including three general-purpose 16-bit timers/counters, two touch-sensing timers (also can released for general-purpose use).
  • One 16-bit PWM driver for driving speaker directly
  • One 12-bit current DACs
  • 34 general I/Os (including SPI I/F)
  • Key wakeup function (IOA0-15, IOB0-15 and IOC0-1)
  • Capacitor touch-sensing hardware for max. 32 I/O
  • IROSC feature for system clock
  • 32KHz Real Time Clock (RTC), internal resistor oscillator selected.
  • 10 channels of 12-bit AD converter
  • Low voltage reset and low voltage detection
  • Watchdog Enable
  • 4-Channel MIDI available by body

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