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Working Voltage (V)Max. CPU Speed (MHz)ROM (Byte)RAM (Byte)I/OUSB Full Speed (12MHz)Audio OutputADC (CH)
2.2 ~ 5.57292K12K32NoPush/Pull 14-bit DACx112-bit x8 16-bit x1

General Description

GPCE4F, a 16-bit architecture sound controller, features a 16-bit μ’nSP2.0™ (pronounced as micro-n-SP 2.0), microprocessor. High CPU operating speed ensures that GPCE4F can handle complex digital signal processes efficiently and rapidly. GPCE4F can be applied for digital sound processing and voice recognition. The operating voltage is from 2.2V to 5.5V and clock speed is from 12MHz to 72MHz. The memory capacity includes embedded FLASH with a 6K-word working SRAM and 2K-word Cache RAM. Other features include 32 programmable multi-function I/Os, five 16-bit timers/counters, 32768Hz Real Time Clock, Low Voltage Reset/Detection, eight channels 12-bit ADC for line-in and one Codec 16-bit ADC for microphone amplifier, I2C control, CCPU(Compare, Capture and PWM Unit), capacitive touch sensor, one SPI FLASH controller, one 16-bit DAC with push-pull amplifier and many others.


  • 16-bit m’nSP2.0™ microprocessor
  • CPU Clock: 12MHz - 72MHz
  • Operating Voltage: 2.2V - 5.5V
  • Power regulator built-in with input voltage: 2.2~5.5V, output voltage:1.8V for core power, 3.1V for codec ADC ,3.3V for external device and 2.5V for touch module
  • IO PortA & B Operating Voltage: 2.2V - 5.5V
  • 48K/32K-word fast embedded flash memory
  • 6K-word working SRAM
  • 2K-word dedicated cache SRAM
  • Two 14-bit software channels with noise filter, mixer and scalar for high quality sound playback
  • Standby mode for power savings
  • Total five 16-bit timers available, including three general-purpose 16-bit timers/counters and two touch sensing timers (also for general-purpose).
  • One 14-bit DAC with push-pull amplifier, supporting cascade mode
  • 32 general I/Os (bit programmable)
  • Key wakeup function (IOA0 - 15, IOB0-15)
  • Capacitor sensing touch hardware for 32 I/O and low power mode function
  • PLL feature for system clock
  • 32768Hz Real Time Clock (RTC), crystal or internal resistor oscillator selected.
  • Eight channels of 12-bit AD converter for line-in
  • Codec 16-bit ADC for microphone amplifier and digital AGC circuit built-in
  • I2C control module
  • Comparison unit, Capturing unit and PWM Unit(CCPU)
  • Two-channel DMA controllers
  • UART interface
  • I2S input/output function to support 16-bit/24-bit data and left justified/1-bit shift format
  • Low voltage reset and low voltage detection
  • Watchdog (optional)
  • Two SPI serial interfaces: SPI FLASH controller (supporting one-I/O, two-I/O, four-I/O modes, and auto read/program mode), and normal SPI interface.
  • Specific products support voice recognition algorithm.

Confirmation Sheet

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Application / Engineering Note

AN0198-Magic_ID_Design_Guide-16.pdf   Copy Link.

Data Sheet

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