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Working Voltage (V)Max. CPU Speed (MHz)ROM (Byte)RAM (Byte)I/OUSB Full Speed (12MHz)Audio OutputADC (CH)
2.4 ~ 5.54892K12K48YesPush/Pull 14-bit DACx112-bit x8

General Description

GPCE4P096UA_0001, a 16-bit architecture sound controller with USB interface, features the newest 16-bit microprocessor, m'nSP2.0™ (pronounced as micro-n-SP 2.0), developed by Sunplus Technology. This high processing speed assures the m'nSP2.0™ is capable of handling complex digital signal processes easily and rapidly. Therefore, the GPCE4P096UA_0001 is applicable to the areas of digital sound process and voice recognition. The operating voltage of 2.4V through 5.5V and speed of 0.046875MHz through 48MHz yield the GPCE4P096UA_0001 to be easily used in varieties of applications. The memory capacity includes 48K-word OTP plus a 4K-word working SRAM and 2K-word Cache RAM (also can be working RAM). Other features including 48 programmable multi-functional I/Os, five 16-bit timers/counters, 32768Hz Real Time Clock, Low Voltage Reset/Detection, eight channels 12-bit ADC (one channel built-in MIC amplifier with auto gain controller), capacitive touch sensor, one SPI flash controller, one 16-bit DAC with push-pull amplifier and many others.


  • 16-bit m'nSP2.0™ microprocessor
  • CPU Clock: 0.046875MHz - 48MHz
  • Operating Voltage: 2.4V - 5.5V
  • Power regulator built-in with input voltage: 2.4~5.5V, output voltage: 2.4~3.3V
  • IO PortA & B & C Operating Voltage: 2.4V - 5.5V
  • 48K-word fast speed OTP
  • 4K-word working SRAM
  • 2K-word cache SRAM (also can be released to working-RAM)
  • Total 384-byte USB buffer
  • Software-based audio processing
  • Two sets of 14-bit software channel with noise filter, mixer and scalar to play high quality sound
  • Standby mode for power saving
  • Total five 16-bit timers. Three general-purpose 16-bit timers/counters, Two touch sensing timers (also can released for general-purpose).
  • One 14-bit DAC with push-pull amplifier.  Supports cascade mode as well as stereo mode
  • 48 general I/Os (bit programmable)
  • Key wakeup function (IOA0 - 15, IOB0-15, IOC0-15)
  • Capacitor sensing touch hardware for 48 I/O
  • PLL feature for system clock
  • 32768Hz Real Time Clock (RTC), crystal or internal resistor oscillator selected.
  • Eight channels 12-bit AD converter, Built-in microphone amplifier and AGC or PGA function selected
  • Low voltage reset and low voltage detection
  • Watchdog Enable (option)
  • Two SPI serial interface I/Os. One is SPI flash controller which supports one-I/O, two-I/O, four-I/O modes and support auto read/program mode. The other is normal SPI interface.
  • Supports USB 2.0 full speed (12MHz) compliant device with built-in transceiver
  • Supports voice recognition algorithm.

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