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Working Voltage (V)Max. CPU Speed (MHz)RAM (Byte)Cache RAM (Byte)Flash ROM (Byte)I/OH/W Touch I/OPWM I/OAudio Output 12 bit DACAudio Output 16 bit PWMSAR ADC (Ch)SDM ADCVoice RecognitionMACUART /12S/ I2CRTC ClockLVDSPIHigh Sink Current I/O
2.2~5.581.9213K2K64K31108VV12 bit X816 bit-VVVV38

General Description

The GPCM1F064A series of industrial microcontrollers equips ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor core and operating at a frequency of up to 81.92MHz. The GPCM1F series are applicable to the areas of digital sound process and voice recognition.


  • CPU
    • CPU Core
      • ARM® Cortex®-M0 32-bit CPU (81.92MHz max) with Code Fetch Accelerator
      • Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC) with 30 interrupt sources
      • 24-bit SysTick timer
      • Single cycle 32bit multiplier instruction
  • Memory
    • 13K-byte SRAM and 2K-byte Cache RAM
    • Up to (64K-64B) Bytes (max) Program Memory
  • Clock Management
    • Internal oscillator: 8.192MHz
    • Phase Lock Loop with configurable output frequency:81.92 M Hz (max)
    • Internal 32768Hz oscillator and XTAL 32768Hz crystal
  • Power Management
    • In Sleep mode: Only CPU Clock off
    • In Deep Sleep mode: CPU clocks off, system entering deep sleep mode ,and all clock off
    • In Halt mode: CPU clocks off, system entering deep sleep mode, and only 32768Hz clock on.
    • Regulator with configurable output SPI Voltage and Codec voltage
    • Low Voltage Detection
  • Reset Management
    • Power On Reset
    • Low Voltage Reset
    • Watchdog Timeout Reset
    • PAD(H/W Key)Reset
    • S/W Reset
  • Analog peripherals
    • 16-bit Audio PWM
    • 12-bit DAC with two 16-bit software channels with noise filter mixer and scalar for high quality sound playback
    • 16-bit Sigma Delta Codec ADC(MIC ADC)
    • 12-bit SAR ADC and 8 x line PAD
    • CTS(Capacitor sensing touch) supporting 10 x Touch IO PAD
  • I/O Ports
    • 31 multifunction and bi-direction I/Os
    • I/O ports with pull-up resistor, pull-down resistor, output high, output low or floating input, and 4mA/8mA/12mA/16mA source/sink current depending on programmer’s settings on the corresponding registers
    • Each IO all can be set External Key for wake up CPU.
  • System Control
    • Three-channel DMA controller
    • System Management Unit (SMU) for system configuration and control
    • 16x16 MAC function
    • Two quadrature decoders
  • Timer
    • Three general-purpose 16-bit timers/counters,
    • Two 16-bit touch sensing timers for CTS
    • Two 16-bit CCP timers(Capture/Compare/PWM) Units and 8 PWMIOs

All of them can be used as general- purpose timers.

  • Communication peripherals
    • One I2C hardware
    • One I2S input (Slave mode) and output( Master mode) hardware
    • One SPIFC (SPI controller for FLASH device access) and two SPI serial interface I/Os
    • One UART hardware
    • One IR TX hardware
  • SAR ADC Controller
    • 12-bit resolution SAR ADC and 10-channel selection (8*LINE-IN, V15_AD,and VSS_ADC)
    • Supporting single, regular and regular scan conversion mode
    • Data alignment with left-aligned and right-aligned
    • External trigger option for injected conversion
    • Analog detection watchdog
    • DMA request generation during channel conversion
  • SDM ADC Controller(MIC ADC)
    • 16-bit resolution Sigma-Delta Modulation ADC (SDM ADC) with Digital Audio gain control(DAGC)
    • DMA request generation during ADC conversion
  • DAC Controller
    • Supporting two input channel and 4x Up-Sampling
    • Supporting scale/truncation mode when data saturation
    • DMA request generation during DAC data done
    • Output to 16-bit Audio PWM or 12-bit DAC
    • Audio PWM support digital gain control and auto mute control
  • Debug System
    • ARM serial wire debug (SWD)
    • Supporting up to three hardware breakpoints
  • Operation Temperature
    • -40°C to 85°C
  • Package
    • LQFP48

Programming Guide

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Confirmation Sheet

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Data Sheet

GPCM1F SeriesV15.pdf   Copy Link.

User Guide

Getting Started with GPCM1FV11.pdf   Copy Link.
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