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Shipment formCPUInternal RAMDRAM TyoeNAND Flash (SLC & MLC) Error Correction AcceleratorCards: SDC/MMC Controller (Secure Disk, Mulit-Media Card)USB 2.0/1.1 Host/DeviceLCDTV outGraphic EngineSound Engine: SPU (Sound Process Unit)Camera: Image Sensor InterfaceCamera: CDSP (a.k.a Image Signal Processor)Camera: Face RecognitionUART/IrDASPII2CI2SDACADCAES Encyption/Decryption HardwareRTCPWM I/Omaximum GPIO numberMultimedia Codec
LQFP128ARM7 96MHzmax 38KBSDR60bit ECCx 2●/● 1/1TFT/CSTN/STNCVBSPPU16ChMIPI/CCIR656/CCIR601NONEx1x 2NONENONE16bit x 2MIC/Line-inNONE● (indep. power)283Video/Image/Audio

General Description

The Generalplus GPL32611B, a highly integrated SoC (System-On a Chip), embedded 8Mx16 Bits SDRAM, offers a great cost-effective and high performance ratio solution for Multimedia, Virtual 3D and interactive game applications. It is embedded the ARM7TDMI with 8K-byte unified ID-cache and many tremendous features such as JPEG CODEC engine, MPEG4 decoder with de-blocking engine, MP3 decoder accelerator, face detection engine, binarization function for GPID application, TFT-LCD interface, CMOS sensor interface, scalar engine, picture process unit (PPU), TV encoder with de-flicker engine, 16-channel sound process unit (SPU), SDRAM controller, ROM/SRAM/NOR FLASH/ NAND FLASH with BCH/ECC Memory controller, UART/IrDA interface, 4-channel DMA controller, 6-channel 16-bit timers, RTC, 2 sets of SD/ MMC card interface, MS/ MS pro card interface, xD card interface, USB 2.0 mini-host/device, mono STN-LCD, interrupt controller, 2 sets of SPI (master/slave) controller, key scan controller, programmable I/O ports, stereo 16-bit DAC for audio playback, 2-channel DC-DC Boost control circuit, 1 data lane MIPI ,6-channel 12-bit ADC, MIC, PLL, and 38K-byte embedded SRAM.
With a complete set of common system peripherals, the GPL32611B chip minimizes overall system cost and no additional component needs to be added. Not only does GPL32611B feature the high-speed performance, but it is also a cost-effective system and the most importantly - compatible with all ARM based programs.


  • ARM7TDMI CPU with 8KB unified ID-cache, write buffer, embedded JTAG ICE, and working frequency up to 96MHz.
  • 38KB SRAM for local data buffer.
  • Picture Process Unit. (PPU)
    • Four Text layers
    • 1024 internal and 4096 extend Sprites.
    • Virtual 3D effect for text and sprite.
    • QVGA/ VGA/ D1 output.
    • Line base or Frame base operation.
    • Max. 1024x768 LCD Resolution output.
    • Texture mapping with anti-aliasing and bilinear interpolation.
  • Sound Process Unit. (SPU)
    • 16 hardware PCM/ADPCM channels.
    • Built-in dynamic volume compressor.
    • MP3/WMA decoder.
    • ISO/IEC 10918-1 baseline JPEG.
    • High-speed Decoding and Encoding with resolution up to 64MPixel.
    • Hardware Motion JPEG Decoding and Encoding (up to VGA@30fps) for real-time video record and playback application.
  • MPEG4 decoder.
    • H.263 baseline profile level30, MPEG4 simple profile level3 Decoder (up to 30 fps @ 640 x 480 resolution).
    • Build-in de-blocking filter.
  • Face Detection function
    • Supports 320x240, 5fps
    • Detection multiple faces in a photo
  • OID Binary Function
  • MIPI Function
    • Up to 450M bit rate
  • Video-in & CMOS sensor interface and CCIR601/CCIR656 standard supported.
  • Embedded 8Mx16 Bits SDRAM
  • Static memory controller. (NAND FLASH with ECC and 4/8/12/16/24/40/60 -bit BCH)
  • Four-channel DMA controller.
  • Mono and 16 gray levels STN-LCD controller.
  • TFT-LCD controller.
    • UPS051. (serial RGB)
    • UPS052. (serial RGB dummy)
    • Parallel RGB (6-6-6/8-8-8).
    • I80 (8-bit/16-bit/18-bit system bus) I/F type.
    • CCIR601/CCIR656.
    • Scalar engine inside with programmable up-scaling and down-scaling factor.
  • Image Processing Unit.
    • Histogram statistics for auto brightness and contrast.
    • Programmable RGB gamma correction.
    • Color convert matrix for various post-image processing.
  • 2-channel DC-DC Boost control circuit for LED Backlight and VGH/VGL voltage generator of TFT-LCD drivers.
  • Interrupt Controller.
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 high/full speed compliance device and USB mini-host with built-in transceiver.
  • Watchdog timer.
  • Six 16-bit timers/counters.
  • 2 sets of SD/SDHC/SDIO/MMC card interface.
  • MS/MS pro card interface.
  • xD card interface.
  • 2 sets of SPI (master/slave) interface with data rate up to 24Mbps.
  • UART (asynchronous serial I/O) or IrDA interface with baud rate up to 1.8432Mbps and 115.2Kbps.
  • 81 Programmable general I/O ports (GPIO) with pull-high/low control.
  • 64/88 keys scan controller.
  • Power manager.
  • Built-in 3.3V to 1.2V Regulator.
  • Low voltage reset.
  • 1 data lane MIPI
  • Real-time clock (RTC) with independent power supply.
  • 96MHz, 27MHz and 12MHz PLL.
  • 16-bit stereo DAC (2-channel) for audio playback.
  • 12-bit ADC with 6 line-in channels.
  • MIC with PGAC. (program gain control)
  • TV encoder supporting NTSC/PAL and de-flicker and scalar function.

Data Sheet

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