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Working Voltage (V)Max. CPU Speed (MHz)RAM (Byte)PPUI/OAudio Output (DAC)ADC (Ch)H/W MIDI Channel (SPU)TFT/ CSTN/ STN B&W/ 16 GrayLCD resolutionTouch I/ODeep Halt mode @RTCSPI/ UART/ I2C/PWMUSB2.0 Device/ HostNAND
2.4~5.59620KQVGA,2.5D5816-bitX212bitX816+/-/+/+160x128~ 480x272165uA+/+/+/++/-SLC

General Description

GPL95100UB1, a highly integrated System-on-a-Chip (SoC), is a cost-effective and high performance micro-controller solution for game, education and interactive learning applications. It equips a m’nSP® 2.0 CPU with 8KB I-cache, picture process unit (PPU), 16-channel sound process unit (SPU), SPI Flash controller, NAND FLASH Memory controller with ECC/BCH, two channel DMA controller, USB device, mono STN-LCD and TFT-LCD interface, interrupt controller, and many other useful features. Providing a complete set of common system peripherals, GPL95100UB1 minimizes overall system costs and saves many additional components that other microcontrollers may require. The GPL95100UB1 development system integrates several powerful tools such as system with C language, assembly compiler, linker, source debugger, and project management function.



  • Built-in 16-bit m’nSP® 2.0 microprocessor with:
    • operating speed up to 96MHz.
    • operating voltage from 2.9V to 5.5V.
  • Memories
    • 4K*16-bit I-cache
    • 10K*16-bit RAM, stack area included.
    • Linear mapping and executing program on the external SPI FLASH memory. Both 2-IO mode and 4-IO mode are supported.
    • NAND FLASH controller with 1-bit ECC and 4-bit BCH
  • I/O Ports
    • Max. 58 General Programmable I/O ports (GPIO).
    • Each incorporates with pull-up resistor, pull-down resistor or floating input as programmer’s settings on the corresponding registers
    • 13 high driving I/O ports with LED driving capability and 40mA current sink
  • Clock Management
    • Internal oscillator: 8MHz ±1.5%(typ), @ 2.7V~3.6V
    • 32768Hz Crystal input @ 1.62V~1.98V
    • PLL (Phase-Lock Loop): 8MHz~96MHz, step=4MHz @ 2.7V~3.6V
  • Flexible Power Management (Operating/ Power down/ Wait/ Halt Mode)
    • Operating mode: High performance@96MHz high speed
    • Deep Halt mode: 3.3V/1.8V off and only RTC on with  approx. 5uA current consumption.
    • Wait mode: CPU clock off and system clocks all on
    • Halt mode: CPU and system clocks are all off. Only  RTC, 32768Hz-XTAL, and LDOs modules are active
  • Picture Process Unit (PPU)
    • 3 Text layers + 256 Sprites
    • QVGA output
    • Line-base operation
    • Up to 1024 x 1024 Text Size
  • TFT-LCD controller
    • UPS051 (serial RGB)
    • UPS052 (serial RGB dummy),
    • Parallel RGB
    • I80 (8-bit/16-bit system bus) I/F type
    • CCIR601/CCIR656.
    • Supports various LCD resolutions: 160x128, 220x176, and 320x240
  • Mono and 16-gray STN-LCD controller interface
  • Sound Process Unit (SPU)
    • 16 hardware PCM/ADPCM channels
    • Cache supporting for directly accessing 16-channel wave table on external SPI Flash, 2-channel A1800 playback
  • 16-channel capacitive touch detection
  • Two-channel DMA controller.
  • 29 sources Interrupt Controller.
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 full speed compliant device with built-in transceiver.
  • Watchdog timer.
  • Independent power real-time clock.
  • 11-output x 8-input matrix key scan controller.
  • Eight 16-bit timers.
  • Four re-loadable timers/counters support comparison, PWM, capture and BAM (4-bit angle modulation)
  • SPI master/slave controller.
  • Power controller with on power-on key and one system power enable output pad.
  • Built-in 5.5V to 3.3V regulator, 3.3V to 1.8V regulator, Regulator for touch pad macro and regulator for ADC
  • Low voltage reset(LVR)( 2.4V trigger/2.6V release for 3.3V)
  • IOSC, 96MHz PLL
  • DAC: Two 16-bit DACs (R2R DAC for L-R speaker), 1x14-bit push-pull AMP
  • ADC: Two 12-bit ADCs
    • One for MIC in with PGA and digital AGC
    • One for 8-channel line-in

Data Sheet

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