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Products - GPM8F3364B


ROM TypeWorking Voltage(V)Speed (MHz)ROM (Byte)RAM (Byte)PWM/CaptureADC (12bit)TMR/CNTOP/ CompareMDURTCCPU OSC. IntCPU OSC. X'TALI/F SPII/F I2CI/F UARTIO No.PKG
Flash2.2 ~ 2.56464K12K+25612165-/222242LQFP48

General Description

GPM8F3364B is a highly integrated microcontroller, which integrates a pipelined 1T 8051 CPU, 12K-byte external data memory(XRAM), 256-byte internal data memory(IDM) and 96K-byte program memory.  It supports up to 56 programmable multi-functional I/Os, Timer0/1, CCP0/1/2, UART0/1, 2 sets SPI (master/slaver), 2 sets I2C (master/slaver),1 set 8-bit current DAC , 2 sets analog comparator, 1 set real time counter, 1 set  64MHz PLL, 16-bit X 16-bit multiplier, 32-bit / 16-bit divider, 16-bit adder, 16-bit subtractor, 32-bit shifter and 1 set of 24 extend and 2 internal input channel SAR ADC with 12-bit resolution for general-purpose application.  GPM8F3364B operates with a wide range of working voltage that from 2.2V to 5.5V. For power saving, it provides a power management unit to manage the system power. Moreover, there is one on-chip debug circuit with two pins to facilitate full speed in-system debug.


  • CPU
    • High speed, high performance 1T 8051
  • 100% software compatible with industry standard 8051
  • Pipeline RISC architecture enables to execute instructions 10 times faster than standard 8051
  • Up to 64MHz clock operation
  • Memories
    • 12K bytes XRAM
    • 256 bytes internal Data Memory (IDM) SRAM
    • 96K bytes FLASH with high endurance
  • Minimum 20K program/erase cycles
  • Minimum 30us program time
  • Minimum 30ms erase time
  • Minimum 100 years data retention
  • 1KB page size
  • Flexible memory size for AP and ISP
  • Memory protection mechanism for FLASH access
    • Programmable read-only level for software security
  • Clock Management
    • Internal oscillator with 8MHz±2% @ 2V~5.5V
    • Internal oscillator with PLL : 64MHz @2.2~5.5V
    • Internal oscillator with 32KHz ± 50% @2.2~5.5V
    • Crystal input with 8MHz
    • Crystal input with 32KHz
  • Power Management
    • One Sleep mode for power saving
  • Interrupt Management
    • 22 interrupt sources
    • 6 wakeup source
    • Up to 7 external interrupt sources
    • Up to 16 keyboard interrupt sources
  • Reset Management
    • Power On Reset (POR)
    • Low Voltage Reset (LVR)
    • Pad Reset (PAD_RST)
    • Watchdog Reset (WDT_RST)
    • Software Reset (S/W_RST)
    • FLASH Access Error Reset (ADDR_ERR_RST)
  • Programmable Watchdog Timer
    • A time-base generator
    • An event timer
    • System supervisor
  • I/O Ports
    • 56 multifunction bi-direction I/Os
    • Each incorporate with pull-up resistor, pull-down resistor, output high, output low , output driving capability and floating input which depending on programmer’s settings on the corresponding registers
    • I/O ports with 5mA current sink @VDD=3.3V
    • I/O ports with 6mA current drive@VDD=3.3V
  • Two 16-bit Timer/Counter (Timer 0/1)
    • Timer mode with five source selectable
    • 13-bit/ 16-bit up-count timers
    • Auto reload 8-bit timers
    • Two 8-bit timers
    • Externally gated event counters
  • UART0/1
    • One synchronous mode
    • Three asynchronous modes
  • SPI0 /1 (master / slaver mode)
    • Programmable phase and polarity of master clock
    • Programmable master SPI clock frequency
    • Max SPI clock: 32MHz (Fpll /2) @64MHz
    • Programmable data transfer with CPU mode or DMA mode
  • A/D Converter
    • 24 extended and 2 internal input channels of 12-bit resolution ADC
    • Max conversion rate@ 880K sps
    • Control independent per set
    • Programmable data transfer with CPU mode or DMA mode
    • Programmable A/D conversion data width
    • 8 sets of ADC_VREF voltage selection supported
  • I2C0/1 (master / slaver mode)
    • Programmable master I2C clock frequency
    • Max I2C clock:500KHz (Fpll /128) @64MHz
  • MDU
    • 16-bit X 16-bit signed multiplier
    • 32-bit / 16-bit signed divider
    • 16-bit + 16-bit signed adder.
    • 16-bit - 16-bit signed subtractor.
    • 32-bit arithmetic shifter.
  • Key Change
    • Programmable 16 IOs key change interrupt
  • Analog Comparator
    • Two analog comparators
    • 32-stage selection reference voltage
  • DMA
    • One channel DMA supported
    • DMA path SPI RX to XRAM / SPI TX to XRAM / ADC to XRAM / XRAM to XRAM
  • Current DAC
    • 8-bit current DAC supported
    • 4K~16KHz sampling frequency
    • Up to 4.5mA full scale output current with VDD= 5V
  • RTC
    • Programmable real-time-counter wakeup source. 1 Hour/ 30mimute/ 60 second/ 1 second / halt second
  • Three Powerful CCP 0/1/2 unit with 16-bit resolution (Compare / Capture / PWM Unit)
    • Timer mode with selectable clock source
    • Auto-reload 16-bit timers
    • Event capturing
    • Pulse width modulation
  • Built-in Low Voltage Reset
    • Trigger level: 2.2V, 2.5V, 2.8V, 4V
  • Built-in Low Voltage Detect
    • Programmable level: 2.4V, 2.7V, 3V, 3.3V, 3.6V , 3.9V , 4.2V , 4.5V
  • On-chip Debug Unit
    • C compatible development tools

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