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Working Voltage (V)Max.CPU Speed (MHz)Flash (Byte)RAM (Byte)Direct Touch I/OTime/CounterAudio Output32K OSC. (Mask Option) ROSC32K OSC. (Mask Option) X'TALSPI/UARTWDT (S/W Option)LVD/LVRSounding Processing Unit
2.7~5.5121M1.5K4616-bit x214-bit Push PullVV1/-VV/V8 Channels

General Description

The GPT8340A, an 8-bit microprocessor developed by Generalplus, features 1M bytes Mask ROM, 1.5K bytes working RAM, 512 bytes AUX RAM, 22 I/Os, two 16-bit timers, two SPI interfaces, a 14-bit DAC with push-pull amplifier for driving speaker directly. The GPT8340A is designed to operate over a wide voltage, ranging from 2.3V through 5.5V. The Low Voltage Reset function keeps system operating properly when power drops below certain level. The GPT8340A is incorporated a high performance SPU voice engine to implement 8-channel ADPCM/PCM high quality voice and one 14-bit DAC with push-pull amplifier to drive speaker directly. Its large memory area allows user to store both program and audio data in one place. A Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) controller is also built in GPT8340A to facilitate communication between devices. For more information about GPT8340A's feature list, please refer to the following section.


  • 8-bit micro-processor
  • 1M bytes Mask ROM
  • 1.5K bytes SRAM
  • 512 bytes AUX RAM
  • Operating voltage: 2.3V – 5.5V
  • Max. CPU operating speed:
  • 12.0MHz @ 2.7V – 5.5V
  • 8.0MHz @ 2.3V – 3.6V
  • Programmable CPU clock: /2, /4, /8, /16, /32, /64 and /128 clock frequency
  • Six wake-up sources
  • 23 IRQs & 4 NMI Interrupts
  • Internal built-in regulator to supply core power (3.3V, for 3-battery application).  Also, internal built-in regulator can be turned off and external power is used to supply core power (for 2-battery application).
  • SPU(Sound Processing Unit) engine with 8 voice channels
  • Supports 4/5 bit ADPCM and 8/16 bit PCM data format
  • Transform 4/5 bit ADPCM data to 14 bit data to play high quality sound
  • Supports special tag such as Silence Tag, Event tag
  • One software channel with noise filter to play high quality sound.
  • Low Voltage Detector

8-level (2.3V/ 2.4V/2 .6V/ 2.9V/ 3.0V/ 3.3V/ 3.6V/ 4.0V) voltage detector

  • Low Voltage Reset
  • Peripherals
  • Dedicated I/Os: PA[7:0], PB[7:0], PC[5:0], PD[7:0], PE[7:0], PF[7:0]
  • Eight I/Os with high sink current for LED application
  • Key wakeup/interrupt function
  • Built-in 32.768KHz oscillator circuit for real time clock function (X'tal or R-osc)
  • Built-in R-oscillator (external resistor is needed) l or PLL for system operating clock
  • Internal time base generator
  • Two 16-bit reloadable timer/counters
  • Watchdog timer
    • 14-bit DAC with push-pull amplifier for driving speaker directly
    • IR output
    • Hardware PWMIO
    • Two SPI serial interface I/Os
  • Powerful 8-ch Sound Processing Unit (SPU)
    • Variable tone-color sampling rate: max = 96KHz @ SPU_clock = 24MHz
    • 8-voice polyphony
    • Supports PCM/ADPCM tone-color table

Data Sheet

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Confirmation Sheet

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