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Sustainable Development - Integrity Management

Sustainable Development | Integrity Management



評估??目 ??????形 ????市??櫃公????信????????差????形?????? ?(?1)
??? ??? ????說??
(??)公??是??制定??????????通??之??信????政策??並於規??????外??件中??示誠信經??之政策、??法??以????????????高??管????層積極??實經??????之承諾??   ??公??為建????好??司誠信經??????,爰????????市??櫃公????信????????』??訂??????信??????業??序??行為????????以為??公????????????????人??????人????任人??實質控??能????人????循??? ????大差?????
(??)公??是??建立??誠信行為風險之??估??????定??????????估??業????內????高??誠信行為風險之??業活????並??以??定防範??誠信行為????,??????涵??????市??櫃公????信????????』第七??第??????款????????????施?   ??公??????『員工??德????????』、『董事??經??人??德????????』、『檢????法??不??德??不??信??????件??????辦??????????信??????業??序暨行為????????定防範??誠信行為之相????業??序??行為????,????本??司人員????誠信行為??????大????將??????法令??????司人??辦??予以????解??? ????大差?????
(??)公??是??於????不??信????方案內????作業程????????????、??規????????申訴制度??且落實執行??並????檢討修??????方案??   ??公??『??信??????業??序暨行為????????????禁止??????收????????????本??司官網設置線????????系統』??鼓勵??報任??????????????德??????????誠信經??守??之????? ????大差?????


評估??目 ??????形 ????市??櫃公????信????????差????形?????? ?(?1)
??? ??? ????說??
  1. ??公??『??信??????業??序暨行為????????????簽??契??,??要????????瞭????????誠信經????況??並????公????信????政策??????約??款?
  2. ??公????往來??客戶????????????評核機制,??立??約??,????方??????義????詳????中並??密?
(??)公??是??設置隸屬董事??之推????業??信??????責單位??並??????????一年??次????董事??????????信????政策??????不??信????方案????????????形?   ??公??為??全誠信經??之管????????????????室??推????業??信??????責單位??負責????並推????信????政策??????????????責單位??年??????????報??執行??形? 2023年??信????執行??形??下??
  1. ????誠信????
    ??公??內??設置??信政策宣導????,????工????誠信經??????,落實以誠信??基礎????????值??????????念? ??人訓練??????司誠信????並進??測??,以確信??人了解??司誠信?????2023年度??進員工已完??此測驗?
  2. 契??中??定??信???????
  3. 簽署誠信???????
  4. 建??便利檢??管??
(??)公??是??制定防止利????突政策、??供適??陳述管????並落實執行??   ??公??『董事??議??規??????定????????對於??議事??,若??其??身??其??之??人????害????,致??害??公??利??????者??得陳述??見??答詢,??得??????論??表決,??討????表決??????迴避,並不????????????????行使??表決????? ????大差?????
(??)公??是??為??實誠信經??已建立????????????度??內??控??制度??並由??部稽核????依??誠信行為風險之??估??????????????稽核計畫,並??以??核????不??信????方案????循??形,??委??????師執行查????   ??公??為??實誠信經??,已建??????之??計制度????部??制??度,內??稽??人??????檢??內??控??制度????????形,並????????檢查??度之執行??以確保內??控??制度????性??作為??具??部??制??度????????依??,並??報????????通????? ????大差?????
  1. ??公??於??部網??設置專????公??員工宣導??信??????業??序??行為????,落實公??以誠信??基礎????????值??????????念?
  2. ??公???2023年度對新??員工??辦??信政策宣導課程??測??,??4人次????2.0小?????


評估??目 ??????形 ????市??櫃公????信????????差????形?????? ?(?1)
??? ??? ????說??
(??)公??是????定具體檢??????勵??度,並建??便利檢??管??,??????被檢????象??派適????????專責人員?   ??公??????『檢????法??不??德??不??信??????件??????辦????????公????網設置??上『????系統』並??派??部稽核??????????? ????大差?????
  1. ??公??????『檢????法??不??德??不??信??????件??????辦??????定檢????作業程??????密?????
  2. ??公??以保??????????檢??案件,??護檢??人,??檢??人??身份將??對??密?
(??)公??是??採????護檢??人不??檢????遭????????置????施?   ??公??????『檢????法??不??德??不??信??????件??????辦??????定??護檢??人之??業??? ????大差?????


評估??目 ??????形 ????市??櫃公????信????????差????形?????? ?(?1)
??? ??? ????說??
(??)公??是??於??網站??????資??觀測??,揭??其??訂??信????????內容???????????   ??公??已??公??網站????公????訊??測????揭??本??司????信??????業??序暨行為????????並於??司網????露??實誠信經????形??? ????大差?????